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The Media (think Michael Moore) have sold many Americans on socialized medicine,  a system used by the Canadians (those folks with borderline amazing accents and very pasty white skin, bless their little hearts.)


But does it really work? Will it work for me? Or you? Or Aunt Sylvia or Grandpa Harry?




"Obamacare – Yay or Nay" – is the work of a young filmmaker for PJTV – who decided to jet up to Quebec and join his two best friends for a week of medical investigation…


Hilarity ensued.


Later this week on America's Morning News we'll interview Steve Crowder (it’s getting Crowdered in here) to report on his findings.  


Do your homework here.


Don't make me do all the heavy lifting. Or my partner John McCaslin. He doesn't work out as much as he used to.


He's really busy these days hawking his book.


And he's loose on the dating scene. All those single ladies and so little time (for free weights, that is.)