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Byron York - Will Republicans expose the two Sotomayors?

The theme Republicans will stress is this: Which is the real Sonia Sotomayor? The one testifying before the committee or the one who's been giving speeches and writing legal opinions for nearly two decades?

For example, Sotomayor told the committee that, "My personal and professional experiences help me listen and understand, with the law always commanding the result in every case."

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, GOP aides were checking back to a speech Sotomayor made at Seton Hall School of Law in October 2003. "My experiences will affect the facts I choose to see as a judge," Sotomayor said back then. "Our experiences as woman and people of color will in some way affect our decisions." That's a far different Sotomayor from the nominee who appeared on Monday.

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J.P. Freire and David Freddoso - New car czar is a union man

Rattner's replacement, a six-figure official with the Steelworkers' Union named Ron Bloom, is already waiting in the wings. It sounds like a firing, but if the GM and Chrysler deals turn out poorly, Rattner will probably be happy he's already gone.

With the choice of Bloom, it is more obvious that the unions now sit on both sides of the negotiating table. Unless, that is, you believe an administration that fires CEOs is not really running the auto industry in which it owns a huge stake.

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