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...gunfire chattered into a devastating Afghan night ..claiming the life of a  young American soldier.

Radio Patriot and Andrea Shay-King has sent this alert around to the bloggers.

Michelle Malkin has posted about a young marine killed in action in Afghanistan, reminding us yet again how much we owe to those who defend our freedom.

In a separate post, she includes a link to an Independence Day video produced by the internet group, which was founded by a Vietnam Vet.

All of it follows below. I hope you'll say a prayer for Aaron Masters and all the men and women who gave their last full measure.  And those who fight yet against evil.

Michelle's message:

Got back to my hotel after a wonderful time at the Dallas Tea Party only to read of a father’s heartbreak.

David M. Masters passed along devastating news on Twitter this evening that his son, Aaron, was one of two American soldiers killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan today.

His message:


America’s North Shore Journal has more details and notes:

The official announcement has not yet been released. It appears that Aaron was one of the two soldiers killed in a large Taliban attack on a base in Paktika. That is just a “maybe” until DoD releases the info. They hold it back a couple of days so that the families can all be notified.

NYT has background on the attack.

Aaron’s MySpace page is here. His brothers and sisters are grieving, too.

David M. Masters asked the Twittersphere to remember his son on this hallowed day:


The hashtag #thankyouaaron has been the #1 trending topic all night.

We will not forget your son, Mr. Masters.

From the Founding Fathers to our defenders on the front lines, the lesson resounds: Freedom is not free.

Thank you, Aaron.


Video - please link over and take a moment to watch it...