Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

See that box on the right? It has a pre-recorded news conference from Washington, D.C. that is a place-holder for the real stream coming up this Thursday when it springs to life with our live broadcast from the Ronald Reagan Library in Southern California.

I am co-hosting this broadcast with my good friend Andrew Breitbart from Big Hollywood, and Mark Williams will also be handling the emcee duties. Our guests include Gary Sinese from CSI: New York, Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hesselbeck and dozens of other stars plus both President Bush's will be involved. Each day the guest list has changed and expanded.

TheVentura County newspaper has details. Spread it around!

Move America Forward will host a fundraising event for the troops Thursday at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley.

The Troopathon, called “Honor Their Service,” is a Web-based event to raise money to create and send care packages to military personnel deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The packages will contain beef jerky, cookies, coffee and other items.

“We send the care packages to soldiers, airmen, Marines, National Guard, Air Force, sailors — anyone we can find,” said Danny Gonzalez, communications director for the group. “We will get requests from soldiers who go on our Web site and who send us an e-mail with their information or through other Web sites that we work with.

“Our troops need to know what a great job they are doing in both Iraq and Afghanistan,” Gonzalez said.

Some care packages will also be sent to troops stationed at Guantanamo Bay.

Move America Forward is a grass-roots organization committed to supporting the men and women in our military.

The eight-hour event Thursday will be webcasted on Participants will work phone banks to take donations, which also can be made online.

Throughout the event, singers and comedians will perform, Gonzalez said, although who will be participating was not yet available. Actor Jon Voight is scheduled to appear at the library and speak during the show, he said.

Conservative politicians and pundits are scheduled to participate by either phone or Web cam. Former Vice President Dick Cheney and Gen. David Petraeus have also written letters that will be read during the webcast.

The group hopes to beat the total raised last year — $1.5 million — and send more than 12,000 packages.

The event is open to the public. Those attending will have to pay the library’s entrance fee.

“We really want to help out our troops who are fighting the war on terror,” said Gonzalez.