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I was walking back to my hotel from dinner this evening when a super-sized ambulance bus from Fairfax County went screaming by.

Interest piqued (since I am staying in the District of Columbia) I was horrified to discover on the Washington Times website there is a major calamity.

WASHINGTON — At least two people were killed when a Metro train derailed and collided with another train during rush hour between the Takoma and Fort Totten stations near the Maryland and District of Columbia border.

Several people were injured and firefighters were still trying to remove others from the wreckage an hour and a half after the 5 p.m. collision. One train appeared to be resting on top of the second, suggesting a head on collision.

D.C. fire spokesman Alan Etter says at least one person was killed and that this is developing into a "mass casualty event." He says crews are cutting apart the trains to get people out. He says there are severe injuries, but no indication how many.

"We believe there are preliminary reports of injuries on board, but we don't know to what extent," Metro spokeswoman Cherry-Ann Santos said.

Officials reported several injuries and D.C. fire officials characterized the incident as a mass-casualty scene. Fire officials were attempting to cut trains apart.

Fire officials said they did not know how many people were aboard the train or how many were injured.

Metro officials advised people to avoid the Red Line on Monday afternoon and evening. Trains were operating between Glenmont and Brookland and between Shady Grove and Brookland stations and from Glenmont to Takoma Metrorail stations for the remainder of the day.

Spokeswoman Taryn McNeil says the collision happened about 5 p.m. between the Fort Totten and Takoma Park stations on Metro's red line.

Monday's derailment comes more than two years after a subway train derailed near downtown Washington, sending 20 people to the hospital and prompting the rescue of 60 people from a tunnel.