Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

It appears that Bill Keller and his editors at the New York Times only care about keeping secrets when a guy has a by-line next to his name, instead of a name-tag on his shoulder.

Folks, my blood started boiling early this morning (and I do mean EARLY) when I read the New York Times article about the escape of one their journalists from captivity in Afghanistan.

Why? Because the editor of the Times, Bill Keller, made the decision to keep the story under wraps for the safety of his man, his intrepeter and their driver.

No, I am not upset because of that - per se.

In fact, it was the responsible thing to do. What infuriates me is that just two years ago, Keller published the Top Secret FISA report that helped capture Al Quada suspects by tracking their money transactions, plus he published the SWIFT banking details, and the interrogation techniques by the U.S. Military, blatant breaches of national security that would make the Rosenbergs blush.

 As a result,  the terrorists can be trained to withstand those techniques and hold their deadly secrets that much longer.

This, of course, has jeoparized the safety and security of our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and that's why I am so angry that sparks are flying off the top of my head.

The New York Times is a disgrace, and it's editor should be ashamed of his poor judgement in the past, and I worry about the safety our troops in the future with this kind of irresponsibilty and media bias that exists now at the Gray Lady. my humble opinion.