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 Congressman Steve King (R) from Iowa is defending a woman who has been sued by ACORN, the left-wing voter registration group that is under federal indictment right now.

 On our radio program, we interviewed Congressman King, and Andrea Shay King (no relation) a talk radio host from Florida who helped break this story is blogging about it again today.

 "...During the third and final hour of this morning's America's Morning News radio program, co-hosts Melanie Morgan and John McCaslin interviewed Iowa Rep. Steve King about the growing ACORN scandal.

Melanie asked King about the lawsuit being brought against Anita MonCrief.

"... Sitting in a roomful of lawyers examining this, the only conclusion we could come up with was, to shut her up, an intimidation tactic of using the courts... It (ACORN) has all the appearances of a criminal enterprise."

The interview with Rep. King begins at 17:38. They begin talking about Anita's case at 22:42.

Link to listen to the interview here.

America's Morning News, a division of the Washington Times News, made its debut a week ago and airs live from the nation's Capitol weekday mornings from 6 to 9 a.m. ET. It is carried by several radio stations around the country.'

...and of course, you can read the entire story at Michelle Malkin's website where she has reproduced some of Ms. MonCrief's blog about ACORN for which she has been sued.