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Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said Monday that ABC's decision to broadcast the news from the White House could pose a problem for both the Obama administration and for ABC News.

"The problem with it is a problem of perception, and perception is reality," Ms. Perino said on the Washington Times' America's Morning News radio show.

ABC has announced plans to broadcast a special on health-care reform, a one-hour prime-time town-hall type discussion, and the evening news from the White House on Wednesday, June 24.

"ABC news -- who didn't get an interview on the president's last trip to the Middle East -- was probably looking for something special and a way to pump up its ratings," Ms. Perino said.

The network has refused to air paid ads from at least one organization opposing the White House health care plan, and also denied a request from the Republican National Committee to feature a representative from the party in the piece.

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