Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. EDT, the world will change a little bit. For me, it'll change a lot.

I'll crack the microphone in a starship Enterprise high tech Washington, D.C. studio with my new co-host and Washington Times columnist John McCaslin, who is a very decent man. He has been covering the Beltway scene for 23 years and knows many people, some of whom are important, and some of whom just think they are important.

I hope that all my friends from many years on the radio will tune into our new program called "America's Morning News." Our flagship station in Washington is WTNT, and my former radio station KSFO will carry us live in San Francisco. We have dozens of other affiliates, including Tampa Bay, Los Angeles and many other stations.

AMN is sending nearly a dozen investigative reporters to cover all aspects of this administration, looking to follow the money and its corrupting influence on D.C. and other special interests across the country.

We'll also have a look at politics (Under the Dome) the economy (Watching Your Money) and entertainment (Hollywood Hotline) and we'll have regular contributors like Andrew Breitbart of, Rebecca Hagelin on the culture wars, and my friend Monica Crowley, syndicated radio host and many, many more.

So- here's our line-up to kick start the Big Launch!

In addition to interviews with George H.W. Bush and Jon Voight, we'll have an exclusive with Jim McElatton of the Washington Times documenting how New York Congressman John McHugh set aside tens of millions of dollars in earmarks in the 2010 budget for defense contractors who are now going to fall under his oversight as Army Secretary.

Also, we'll be making, breaking and driving the news with "The Bondholders", a four day series examining the average everyday Americans hurt by the government's take-over of GM.

Plus, Joe Curl of the Washington Times was with former President Bush when he jumped out of that airplane for his 85th birthday.

Wow. wow. WOW.

How cool is that?

Tune in and try us out. I hope that you'll make it a habit, either on your car radio, podcast, Internet, or laptap. We don't care how you listen - I just expect you to do it. And tell a friend.

See y'all at o'dark hundred Monday morning!