Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Anybody remember Cindy Sheehan? Anybody? I thought not. Well, she's back. Desperate to re-create her glory days of 2004-2005 in which she camped in front of former President Bush's summer ranch in Crawford, the Mom-in-Mourning (subject of our book "American Mourning") is protesting in front of Mr. Bush's new home in Dallas.

 "...Former President George W. Bush's new neighbors said anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and about 50 protesters had the constitutional guarantee of free speech on their side Monday.

What the protestors' didn't use near the Bushes' home in Preston Hollow, they said, was common sense and courtesy.

"America is for both intelligent people and screwballs," said Dr. Fred Minton, who lives near the Bushes.

"We all know there are people who just make fools out of themselves, and she's one of them."


John in San Francisco e-mailed this morning:

Cindy Sheehan, being true to form, will be a guest speaker at the,


"Building a New Left for a New Era, Socialism 2009"conference in San Francisco in July.


 Topics that will be discussed will be as follows;


History of the US Communist Party

The Role of Radicals in the working class struggle

Sexuality and Socialism

Do Socialist Revolutions always end in dictatorship?

Zionism - Myth or Reality?

Marx and Engels and the Ecological Movement

The emerging Workers movement in China

Nationalization and the Socialist struggle

Darwin and Marx


In other words, this Socialism 2009 Conference,


is a Barrack Obama, Bill Ayers, and Saul Alinsky dream TEAM.