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I am just a couple of days away from launching a brand spankin' new syndicated radio show for the Washington Times called "America's Morning News" hosted by myself and the award-winning journalist and WashTimes "Inside the Beltway" columnist John McCaslin.

The show is going to aim a dozen investigative reporters right at the heart of Washington, focusing on the culture of corruption, entertainment, your money, and of course politics. We'll have our own website shortly, but you can keep track at

I am super excited to announce that KSFO radio in San Francisco (my former radio home for 14 years) has just signed a deal to carry us live on the West Coast from 3 am to 5 am.)

Now all of you early birds have a reason to live :-)

While I am back in California attending my youngest son's High School graduation, re-uniting with my oldest son and his family and saying good-bye to other family and friends in preparation for my move to D.C. - my co-host is making some news too.

From the Washington Examiner:

Yeas & Nays

He looks the part of the quintessential California surfer, he’s got the saying “dude” down to an art form in every film and he’s best buds with hemp-loving Woody Harrelson. So who more appropriate than actor Owen Wilson to stumble into a book party for “Weed Man: The Remarkable Journey of Jimmy Divine”?

Wilson wandered past Tackle Box in Georgetown on Wednesday night, where friends were feting columnist-turned-radio-host John McCaslin for his new book on a legendary dope dealer. Wilson noticed the books displayed in the window (the dust covers of which just happen to be made from rolling paper) and strolled right in, clearly intrigued. Inside, he walked over to the table where books were being sold and started leafing through the pages.

Wonder if the party favors caught his eye? In neat little rows next to the books were zippered sandwich baggies full of oregano and other spices, cleverly packaged to look like marijuana.

He didn’t last long, however. It only took a few minutes before every woman in the crowd was staring, taking pictures and giggling in delight, driving him back out onto M Street. This comes only days after Wilson had to have his seat moved at Bourbon Steak because of annoying fans.

You’d think that with all the celebrities in town, Washingtonians wouldn’t get so starstruck, but apparently we have a ways to go before we get a bit more “Hollywood” and leave the actors be.