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California Chaos is chasing away tax revenues and enabling special interest groups like the SEIU, California Teachers Association, prison guards and others who are only looking out for themselves (by and large) and not the rest of our tarnished state.

But by the time the sun sets on the Pacific , I'm guessing that the chickens will be roosted.

Catherine Moy has a terrific piece up today at Human Events.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic-controlled state legislature bet the farm that voters would ignore their own shrunken budgets and vote for more taxes and more spending in today’s election. But voters have another message for the unpopular politicians in Sacramento: Stop spending and get out of our pockets.

Schwarzenegger, who promised to reform California after the brown-out days of former Gov. Gray Davis, instead has allowed the Legislature to spend the once-thriving state into the scofflaw of the union. Business is running for the borders, education is on life-support, roads are shot, and taxes are the highest in the nation.

The state deficit will be $21.3 billion in the coming fiscal year, according to the governor’s estimates. Living in California is living in a state of chaos. Houses are dropping to foreclosure, unemployment is climbing, the Legislature can’t get a budget in on time, and elected officials have gone to the old standby: more taxes.

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