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The Hill's lead headline this morning blares "Storm Center Over Pelosi." And today's Washington Post features a couple of A1 stories, "Accusations Flying in Interrogation Battle: Pelosi Says CIA Misled Congress on Methods," and "Speaker's Comments Raise Detainee Debate to New Level."

So, how about the nation's "unofficial newspaper of record"? Nope, Nancy Pelosi's allegations of CIA lies and deception don't rate the frontpage:

In fact, the Times clearly hopes this story goes away, and fast. They've buried their coverage deep iniside the front section, at page A20, "Pelosi Says She Knew of Waterboarding by 2003." And the editorial page makes no mention of Washington's biggest news at the op-ed page.

The Los Angeles Times is no better, relegating
its coverage of Pelosi to page A15.

In contrast, the Wall Street Journal features a major A3 story, "
Pelosi and CIA Clash Over Contents of Key Briefing." And today's lead editorial at the Journal hammers the Speaker, "Pelosi's Self-Torture."

While we've there's some suggestion of "
yellow journalism" in the media of late, we might also see the Pelosi scandal as again substantiating the rise of a new partisan press.