Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The Obamunists are NOT going to like this - in fact, the ACLU is screaming blue bloody hell.

But a strong dose of reality has set in for the most liberal President in American history, and now BHO has walked back his position on releasing photos of detainee so-called abuse.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a reversal, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he would fight the release of dozens of photographs showing the abuse of terrorism suspects, over concern the images could ignite a backlash against U.S. troops.

The decision was a blow to some liberals in Obama's Democratic Party who see the photos as part of a broader effort to investigate Bush-era officials and cleanse America's image abroad.

Just last month the Obama administration had said it would comply with a court order to release the pictures by May 28, saying legal options for appealing the case had been limited.

But Obama shifted gears after senior military commanders and some members of Congress expressed misgivings about the potential for the photos to generate violence against U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.