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And the wheels of the bus go round and round ....yes, another political hack responsible for a humongous screw-up by approving the fly-over of Air Force One in New York City ...has been summarily dismissed.

Hasta La Vista, Mr. Caldera.


The White House report blamed “organizational” and “structural ambiguities” for the crony paper-pusher’s incompetence.

The White House also released a photo. Your tax dollars at work.

Caldera’s disappearance under the Obama bus does not and should not end questions about the origin of the p.r. photo-op mission’s request, who participated, how it went down, and where protocol failed. And remember: Someone was planning a second flyover photo-op in Washington, D.C.

Late Friday afternoon personnel/document dumps are business as usual in Washington.

What happened to Hope and Change?

Yes, it’s getting crowded under there: