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It's the story I just can't seem to get enough of.

John Edwards, the phoniest man in American politics, and his betrayed enabler Elizabeth Edwards.

I think the headline in the New York Daily News  by Michael Goodwin says it all.


"...With his $400 haircuts and investments in predatory lenders, all while saying ending poverty was a "moral issue" and the "cause of my life," Edwards set new standards for hypocrisy as he sought the Democratic nomination. His contrived compassion was a joke among rivals.

And that was before we learned he had an affair with a campaign aide.

Yet any sense of justice served is complicated because the saga involves his feisty wife, Elizabeth. Bad enough she was betrayed by her husband. She also has incurable bone cancer.

She was battling breast cancer when she learned of his affair in late 2006, just days after he announced his candidacy. Recall she lost her first son in a car accident years ago and the temptation is to shout, "Leave the poor woman alone."

That's easier said than done. After all, Elizabeth Edwards helped to perpetrate a fraud on voters, namely, that her husband was fit to be President.

She knew better and now says she told him to drop out because of the affair. He didn't and she tried to get him elected, raising money and stumping with and for him. She excoriated the media for giving "the Cliffs Notes" of the truth about candidates.

If only we had known the truth she was hiding."