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The former Republican known as "Arlen" has switched identities, becoming a Democrat who may well wish he were still a Republican.

That's because Specter's new best friends just bitch-slapped him.

I am googling world's tiniest violin.

"...Sen. Arlen Specter was unexpectedly stripped of his seniority Tuesday night in a humiliating blow from Democrats who earlier had welcomed the former Pennsylvania Republican’s defection from the GOP.


The move not only strips the five-term senator of his legislative clout but also hampers his ability to persuade voters he can still bring influence to issues in Pennsylvania as he approaches election there in 2010.


Specter lashed back Wednesday, strongly suggesting he had been betrayed.


In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, Specter said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., had promised him that his seniority would be preserved. "