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The swines in the Panic Peddling MSM are slinking back to their pig-pens ....deeply disappointed that pandemic flu has not erupted across the globe.

In fact, as I predicted, it is turning into much ado about nothing.

Even the New York Times has to admit that.

"...The good news, Dr. Schuchat said, is that most cases in the United States have been mild, and health officials in Mexico said that cases there seemed to be leveling off.

But Dr. Schuchat said, “I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.”

She said the virus, called H1N1 by scientists, had a number of unusual features that were cause for concern. It has flared up at a time of year when the flu season is normally ending. It is new, so people probably have little or no resistance to it.

And unlike the common types of seasonal flu, it appears to infect an unusually high percentage of young people. The median age of patients is 17.

“Very few confirmed are over 50,” Dr. Schuchat said. “They tend to be younger. Whether it will pan out in the weeks ahead we don’t know, but it is a pattern that looks different from seasonal influenza.”