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Finally. Somebody spelled out the obvious. This swine flu pandemic is greatly exaggerated.

The Mexican government is the first to tell everyone to take a deep breath and chill.

"...The Mexican ambassador to the United States said Thursday reports about the deadly H1N1 flu virus have dramatically overstated the disease's reach, and that just eight deaths can be definitively pinned on the virus.

Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan, addressing a luncheon sponsored by the Meridian International Group, said just 100 H1N1 virus cases have been confirmed in Mexico, far fewer than the nearly 2,000 press reports have indicated."

But don't you just love Joe "Gaffe-tastic" Biden's comments on Thursday telling everyone that he has advised his own family to stay off airplanes - don't travel- or they might DIE.

That's a real confidence builder in Barack H. Obama's calm proclamation that it's all under control because he has ordered the government to spend $1.5 billion dollars on programs that include hand-washing.

Yup. The grown-ups are in charge now. Ain't it wonderful?