We wanted to share a few pictures from the Sacramento Tea Party Protest. Several thousand were on hand by the time the Tea Party was at it’s peak with people coming and going before then. So all in all a total of 10,000 people may have participated during the 3-hour event. Here are just a few pictures from the event:








Here’s a report from the CBS affiliate (CBS-13) out of Sacramento. At the time 5,000 people had already showed up!! WATCH THE REPORT - HERE.

Michelle Malkin has the roundup of reports on Tea Parties from across the nation - VIEW MICHELLE MALKIN’S REPORT - HERE

Special thanks to event organizer Mark Meckler and the first emcee, Eric Hogue of 1380 KTKZ

UPDATE: Even in LIBERAL San Francisco the turnout was awesome.  Here’s a report from Pipeline News on the San Francisco Tea Party which was led by our good friend, Melanie Morgan - VIEW THE SAN FRANCISCO TEA PARTY REPORT - HERE

UPDATE 2: Our Country Deserves Better Vice Chairman, Mark Williams, was one of the emcees of the Sacramento Tea Party - VIEW HIS REPORT - HERE

Bookworm checked in with Charles Martel's report on the SF tea party.

SFgate.com has the AP round-up.