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Some of us are fretting that a new study group at UC Berkeley isn't going to end well.

40 years after some wild-eyed leftists stood up on a car and started screeching about free speech rights as they burned down the campus, UC Berkeley is funding a Center for the Comparative Study of the Right-Wing movement.

Nearly a million dollars was donated, anonymously of course, to help fund this so-called study group.

I'm thinking that the "anonymous" donor probably has initials that start with a G and end with an S.

The New York Times reports that " of the first efforts, said Ms. Paolo Bacchetta, who attended a planning meeting last week, may be a conference devoted to links between right-wing groups across borders. “Most of these right-wing movements have some kind of connections transnationally,” she said. “Alliances across different countries take different forms.” For example, she said, Hindu nationalism has branches in countries besides India, or right-wing religious groups in different countries might join together to oppose abortion. "

Who knew? I had no clue I was involved in any transnational alliance, opposing abortion. Sheesh. The political agenda of these people is shockingly apparent to everyone except, oh, themselves.

According to the NY Times, "Ms. Bacchetta insisted that researchers’ own political orientation was irrelevant. “It’s a question we always get asked,” she said. “But we really like to think of ourselves as scholars in the academy,” working on evaluating these groups without any agenda. “We’re not a political organization.”

Yeah. Right. Whatever.