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Lord, tonight we pray for the families of four fallen heroes, policemen in Oakland, California who were slain by an evil man.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Tonight we pray for the skyward bursting souls of these four dead men who gave up their lives to protect ours.

Lord, hear our prayer.

God, may the children of these men who were murdered see justice for their fathers and know that evil will be matched with goodness.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Developing News: Three Oakland Police Officers Killed, a Fourth in "Grave Condition" after Shootings - Click here for Details and to Leave Your Comments


Four Oakland police officers were shot, three dead, and one in "grave" condition after two related shootings Saturday afternoon.  Investigators say the problems began at 1:08 p.m. Saturday when Sgt. Mark Dunakin and Officer John Hege pulled over a car on what appears to be a routine traffic stop.  Eight minutes later Oakland police dispatchers got a call from a citizen reporting two officers were on the ground with apparent gunshot wounds.  Sgt. Dunakin later died at Highlands Hospital.  Officer Hege remains "gravely wounded." SWAT team members Sgt. Ervin Romans, and Sgt. Dan Saki were killed trying to storm an apartment where the suspect was hiding.  A third officer suffered a minor wound when a bullet grazed his head.  He was treated and released. Authorities say other SWAT team members returned fire killing the 27-year old suspect, Lavelle Mixon of Oakland.