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 Barry's buddies in the Mainstream Media are turning on him, braying like the jackasses they are.

They are lamenting his lack of communication skills.


"..Of all the pitfalls Barack Obama might face in the presidency, here is one not many people predicted: He is struggling as a public communicator.

The sluggish and unsteady response to the uproar over AIG bonuses highlights a larger problem of his White House: Obama’s surprisingly uneven campaign to educate people about the economic crisis and convince Washington and the broader public that he is in command of circumstances.

It was brilliant communications skills that carried Obama to the presidency, with a national campaign built on the strength of his personal story and the clarity of his promise to transform politics. On the rare occasions when he was thrown on the defensive, he quickly turned problems into opportunities and regained control of his public image.

What’s different now? The polished phrases and unflappable delivery haven’t gone away. His prime-time news conference and speech to Congress drew the usual praise.

But the discipline and strategic focus of the campaign have yet to move into the White House. The story of the day often catches the president flat-footed or on the defensive — and regularly undercut by fellow Democrats.

To Obama’s dismay, he is learning that successful presidential communications is only in part — often a fairly small part — about personal eloquence. It requires harnessing his words to a consistent strategy of public education. Obama needs lawmakers and voters alike to view the world through his prism, and to accept his analysis of what’s wrong and his priorities about how to make it right.

More sniping of Obama reported over at Shenanigans:

"..So, Obama’s in California. Visiting things. Doing town halls. Etc. Etc.

And there’s been some miscommunication or missteps of sorts, so we hear. For one, members were never told that Obama was going. For two, when they were told after the fact, they weren’t invited.
And for three: they were then informed that they could attend the Obama Whatever Taking Place In Their District, but…they’d have to sit in the audience. (Hello Grace Rep Grace Napolitano and Hello Loretta Sanchez. Interesting both were avid Hillary supporters. And as we know Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R) didn’t go to Cali.)

Sitting in the audience. That’s a low blow. It appears the Obama folks dealing with this in Legislative affairs “don’t know the difference between a Member of Congress and the city council person from NoWheresville, Ca,” one staffer  told us, although not begrudgingly. “You just get the feeling that the White House is working out the kinks and that they are relatively new folks who don’t know the ropes yet.”

However, the members don’t seem irked. Napolitano sat in the audience and got a shout out from Obama while Sanchez’s COS Adrienne Elrod told us, “Loretta had a great time listening to President Obama and was so happy he chose to hold an economic town hall in Orange County." Natch, she got a nice shout out, too.