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Well. Well. Well. Chrissy Dodd did it. I know because he confessed on national TV.

Senator Chris Dodd admitted that he lasered out the provision preventing AIG executives from collecting millions in bonuses.

Chris "Countrywide" Dodd, who snagged over a $100,000 in campaign donations from AIG and also availed himself of a sweetheart mortgage from Countrywide mortgage, is the ultimate in Democratic hypocrisy. He is actually in charge of nationalizing banks across the country which run into financial difficulty and need bail-outs.

I don't know if there is anything federal investigators can nail Dodd on, but it would be a fantastic time to start investigating! After all, its the serious of the allegations that matter (especially on a demogogic hearing televised nationally.)

"...Sen. Chris Dodd for the first time Wednesday acknowledged he was instrumental in creating legislation that cleared the way for disgraced executives at taxpayer-rescued AIG to walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

The Connecticut Democrat also had to explain the receipt of more than $100,000 in campaign donations from AIG workers, including some from Leonid Shekhtman of Redding.

Dodd vowed to return any tainted contributions from company executives, but that issue will likely be dwarfed by the huge AIG executive bonuses.

In an interview Wednesday afternoon, the senator said he had hoped an amendment he drafted to limit executive pay under last year's Targeted Asset Relief Program would have ruled out hefty bonuses.

"I thought we covered that," Dodd said. His amendment passed the Senate, but was later relaxed by the conference panel that works out differences between versions of legislation passed in the two chambers of Congress.

But later Wednesday, Dodd told CNN he agreed to change his amendment -- at the request of the Obama administration -- to ensure that previously enacted bonus contracts would be honored, despite billions of dollars that would go to bailout beneficiaries."

Catch this, folks? At the request of the Obama administration, Dodd agreed to change the bail-out amendment. I guess President Obama really meant it when he said that he's responsible for the mess right now.

Maybe that's why he agreed to a very "un-presidential" thing and appeared on Jay Leno's show.

"..Governing is turning out to be a lot harder than Barack Obama thought it would be, so he has turned to what everyone knows he's good at: barnstorm-style campaigning across the country to rally public support for his economic program and budget.

From a Hollywood perspective, the interesting thing about that is that one of the first stops on his national tour will be "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."Since Bill Clinton's now famous saxophone set on Arsenio Hall's show, the talk shows have emerged as favored political venues, with Leno's NBC show the venue candidates prize most.

Leno's got the numbers and is a smart but sympathetic questioner

In fact, he may be TV's only real master of good-natured humor when it comes to public affairs.

Obama's decision to go on Leno makes a kind of political sense, but some members of the media have questioned whether it's appropriate in these dire times.

"No sitting president has every appeared on any comedy show," noted U.S. News & World Report columnist Mary Kate Cary, a former speechwriter for the first President Bush. (She added that Bush went on "Saturday Night Live" only after he left office.)"