Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

No wonder the San Francisco Chronicle is so despised by conservatives around the Bay Area...with cheap shots like these.

"Great, just what the doctor ordered: Ex-KSFO righty-hostess and a brunette version of Ann Coulter, Melanie Morgan, returned to the station, briefly, thank goodness, filling in for traffic guy "Officer Vic". The only good news upon hearing Morgan's temporary mouth was that it muted out Lee Rodgers and Brian Sussman, still trying in vein to become the local version of Rush Limbaugh."

So says Rich Lieberman a/k/a Big Vinny, who shoots off his mouth on a regular basis trying to get somebody to respond to his tiny little column, in a newspaper about two nanoseconds from bankruptcy.

  Anyway, how does he know that I regularly restore my natural blonde roots? Hmm?

And besides, I was a bitch long before Ann Coulter became famous.