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It's Tea Party time in the San Francisco Bay Area - the pleasantries are over, and the peasants with pitchforks are organizing around Princess Pelosi's manor (San Francisco Civic Center.)

Sally, a reader of this website and listener to KSFO, sends me this information:

Yee Haw!   Just got a call that we got our permit. We are set to go. Now the fun begins. 


--get those creative juices flowing for ideas for signs;


--If you are in Marin and are interested in carpools or a possible bus, let me know.  I have a couple of folks coordinating;


--we need to contact radio stations, websites, newspapers, tv (ha ha ha).  Let me know if you have any contacts or just want to torture yourself;


--for info, check this out or email me directly:


--we might (I hope) be coordinating w/ another group.  They have a tea party scheduled for April 1st (April Fool’s Day, what a blast). So, plan on making both days but if you can’t make the 15th, go to the one of the 1st and vice versa.  I’ll let you know more after I’ve confirmed w/ their commander-in-chief.


--get ready to rock and roll.



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