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The Tea Party protest movement across America is steaming hot. And now my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri is claiming the first victory.

Kansas City, Missouri - The maturing Tea Party Protest Movement claimed its first victory this week when Senator Claire McCaskill, D, Missouri, voted against the Omnibus Spending Bill.  McCaskill cited her opposition to earmarks in opposing the bill’s passage.


“Evidently we made our point,” Kansas City Tea Party organizer Robert Ballard said of McCaskill’s defection from the democratic party line in the Senate.  “We applaud McCaskill for recognizing the deep level of discontent in this country that’s being driven by President Obama’s desire to reshape America with an agenda we believe moves America toward a socialist society.  We’re counting on Claire to continue her leadership in the fight against funding special interests and corruption in Washington D.C.”


McCaskill’s surprising reversal on the spending bill came just 11 days after an estimated 200 protesters marched on McCaskill’s Kansas City regional office to hold one of many Tea Party protests sweeping the nation since President Barack Obama began unveiling his agenda for reshaping America.


Obama himself referred to the Omnibus Bill as “flawed” as he signed the $410 billion measure that will fund many federal programs into fiscal year 2009.

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