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50 days later, our country ain't singing tis of thee. We're crying the Obama Blues.

Kyle-Anne Shiver at American Thinker has her summation of the first 7 weeks of the Obama Administration. 

"...The man whose resume fits nicely on the back of a postage stamp is now the most powerful human being in the universe. 

With an economy in shambles, slinking toward all-out depression a little further each day, the President doesn't know the difference between a popularity-based political tracking poll and the confidence meter of the stock market, which represents the actual savings and pension funds of millions and millions of ordinary Americans.  Heck, the golden boy of campaign one-liners doesn't even know that P/E ratio stands for price/earnings, not profit/earnings. 

If only he had once had a paper route instead of all those pick-up games with the hoops.

What has this Country come to?"