Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Yes, it was Melanie Morgan vs. Naomi Wolfe Friday night on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Actually, it was Mike Barnicle filling in for Chris. I was paired up with Naomi Wolfe. You remember her, right? She was BFF with Al Gore's daughter, and was hired to consult Daddy Gore on his attire. "Wear more Earth tones." Brilliant advice.

And highly effective, too, I might add.

But, I digress. Naomi started a slashing attack on me about four minutes in.

 UPDATE: View video here via HotAir.

Here's report on Catfights and Cleavage

(just an aside, but don't you think Naomi Wolfe looks like Monica Lewinsky?)

Keep going! I've got more to say.. 


It is crystal clear to me that Hillary's political operatives chose to use the Hardball TV show as an opportunity to roll-out their latest meme. Hillary Clinton as "Victim."

Poor, poor Hillary. She was JUST trying to get the Pentagon to give her our withdrawal plans.

Hillary was ACTUALLY trying to dictate the terms of surrender for our troops in Iraq.

Hillary was ACTUALLY trying to drive her poll numbers UP because she's sustained serious damage from the Left-Wing (Cindy Sheehan, Jack Murtha crowd.)

It is the most cynical use of politics I have ever seen. Period.

Using our men and women in harm's way for her Presidential election prospects.