Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Murder Underground's very own Billy Ayers is steaming and he wants you to know it - you see, he is being "targeted" alongwith his buddy Ward Churchill, by politicans who are trying to stomp on his rights.

Boo. Freaking. Hoo.

The pity party begins now.

"..William Ayers said Thursday that politicians are trying to dictate what can be taught, and who can teach it.
He cites pressure on the University of Colorado to fire professor Ward Churchill, who once likened Sept. 11 victims to Nazi Adolf Eichmann. Churchill was fired on plagiarism allegations after the furor over his Nazi comment.

Ayers is in Colorado to appear with Churchill at a student-sponsored forum on academic freedom.

Ayers was a co-founder of the radical anti-Vietnam war group Weather Underground. Republicans made him a campaign issue last year because he had a limited association with Barack Obama."

This is really too funny. Republicans made him an issue last year because he is a domestic terrorist, who remains unapologetic for murdering a San Francisco police officer, alongwith his bat-crazy wife Bernadine Dohrn, neither of whom has served a day in jail because of a legal technicality.

And yes, he is a friend and neighbor of Barack Obama.

Next week, Larry Grathwohl, who was recruited by the FBI to infiltrate the Weather Underground during the 60's and 70's, is going to Washington, D.C. for a press conference on this subject. Stay tuned for details.