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Like. Wow. Dude.

I just got back from a couple of travel days, and it seems like the world is really whacked out right now - maybe even more than usual. I saw my pal Rush Limbaugh on the TV screen at  the Denver airport, which isn't weird, but watching him on CNN was downright freaky strange.

After checking my eyes and my pulse and the Internet reports, everyone reported that Rush was a monster hit at CPAC, which I skipped this year. That wasn't even mildly surprising. But what pushed me into galatic overdrive was learning that Michael Steele, the head of the RNC, whined that  Rush is "just an entertainer" and "talks ugly." 

Oh- Steele also says Rush is NOT the 'de facto' leader of the GOP.... that job belongs to, guess who,  Michael Steele. 

A few hours later, Steele apologized.

Then Rush blasted away.

That started a whole circular firing squad, and then the Democrats jumped on board.

Man, I sure missed a helluva lot of fun this weekend. But it's only Tuesday, so maybe the tumult will continue. I can only hope so.

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Gotta love that Al Gore - this Internet thingy is pretty big fun.