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Obama’s Change in Tactics May Hurt Afghanistan

by Catherine Moy

Move America Forward Executive Director

President Obama’s swift moves to close down American involvment in Iraq comes as leaders from Afghanistan worry about his changing positions in Afghanistan. Obama’s changed war strategy could hurt Kabul’s government, according to a story by the LA Times:

Reporting from Washington—Afghanistan’s defense minister warned Thursday that the Obama administration’s proposed changes in U.S. war strategy risk undermining Kabul’s civilian government because they appear to scale back U.S. goals in the country.

Abdul Rahim Wardak said he was troubled by recent comments from senior U.S. officials that they were “lowering expectations” in Afghanistan in order to set more “obtainable goals,” saying such language recalls memories of the U.S. desertion of Afghanistan after the Soviet Union pulled out in 1989.

“Changing course, adopting a new strategy of containment or dropping the idea of a strong central government will be falling into the trap the enemy has laid, helping them to achieve their evil objectives,” Wardak said in a speech at a Washington think tank before meetings with U.S. diplomatic and military officials.

Obama must slow down and ensure his changing policies don’t endanger American troops or civilians. Change just for the sake of change can be dangerous. For example, it appears that commanders are now worried that the president’s plans to withdraw from Iraq may be too hasty. Obama’s left-wing base and anti-troop contingents have tremendous sway over him. But Obama has to put the safety of our nation ahead of politics.