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While U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is pronouncing Gitmo safe, humane and free of torture - yet vowing to close it down anyway- one of the detainees released from custody  is back in the UK.

Think of it. An Al Quada operative running around the United Kingdom, free to do what he wants.

Move America Forward's Danny Gonzalez has been watching developments for us.


"...As over 2,000 news reports stated yesterday, the Obama administration has released former Gitmo detainee Binyam Mohammed to the the British government, who after about an hour or so of questions, made him a free man in the UK.

Binyam Mohammed yesterday became the first freed terrorist of the Obama administration.  He was released to British authorities who promptly, as expected, released him back into the general population.  Shame on our British friends!  Where is Margaret Thatcher when we need her?

Mohamed is now free as a bird in London.  While British officials made assurances that Binyam would be ‘monitored,’ we have seen in the past that 61 terrorists released from Gitmo have returned to terrorism – even through some went through the so-called “rehab” program in Saudi Arabia.

Are we expected to believe that after other Gitmo detainees have been released and then show up in Al Qaeda propaganda videos weeks later that Binyam Mohamed is going to live a quiet law abiding life and stay in good olde England?

Just take a look at his record of accomplishment so far.

• He is Ethiopian born but lived in the US for 2 years and the UK for at least 6 until he traveled to Pakistan in 2001.

• In Pakistan he linked up with Al Qaeda operatives who sent him to al Farouq training camp in Afghanistan. This camp is infamous for training 9/11 hijackers.

• There, he received military training as well as training in document forgery and phone number encryption from high ranking al Qaeda operatives

• There are indications that Osama Bin Laden personally visited this camp several times while Mohamed was training there and lectured the students about the importance of attacking America.

• He trained in urban warfare and explosives techniques in Kabul, and fought alongside the Taliban against the Northern Alliance.

• Took part in Al Qaeda planning sessions where he proposed attacking subway stations and possibly planned detonating a “dirty bomb” with fellow Gitmo inmate Jose Padilla but was instead told to plan on bringing down high-rise apartment buildings by blowing out the lower floors.

Of course none of these facts have been reported by the media.

Everyone is too busy congratulating Obama for his dedication to justice - or whatever his interpretation of it is - rather than looking at the fact that this guy has ties to Al Qaeda, he trained with them, he fought alongside the Taliban, and he’s likely to do it again.

Obama is taking his liberal policies in the war on terror too far. Bowing to foreign pressure to close Gitmo should not come at the price of risking the loss of more American lives, and more attacks on our homeland and our allies. "