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Ask Arlen

I got an early wakeup call from the East Coast Thursday morning. The alert came from the office of Sen. Arlen Specter, the alleged Republican whose office I stormed on Monday. Specter wanted to talk with me, mano y mano. As I write this, I am still waiting for the senator's call.

I'm not sure what he wanted to tell me. Lobbying from nonsensical moderates doesn't work on me. Maybe he wanted to tell me that I shouldn't barge into his offices and demand to talk with him – even if he is hunkering down with Democrats in a scheme to bilk taxpayers and future generations of billions of dollars.

Jim Robinson, founder of, and I arrived at Specter's office on Monday with a group of folks who oppose the $1.5 trillion porkulus package. We asked to see Sen. Specter. The office secretary was cold as a street-market codfish. I couldn't blame her. We were there to have words with her boss. Jim, wearing his Navy cap, asked about the senator's whereabouts, but the secretary wasn't helping. It was distressing to see a wheelchair-bound Navy veteran being treated with such disrespect by a senator's staff.

So I flung open Specter's back office door, and yelled like I was back in the country hollering for my dog. I yelled that I wanted to talk to somebody. Now! Specter's chief of staff slinked out and gave us a few minutes of his time. We let him know that the country is angry, and we aren't standing by as they decimate our Constitution and saddle our grandchildren with staggering debt.

Specter, along with two other spineless Republicans, have betrayed our country by joining hands with the socialist-in-chief and his minions, the Democrats. They have hoodwinked those still under the spell of Obamamania, and are force-feeding the rest of us with their spend-and-smile bill that will do nothing to stimulate the economy.

Government spending has never stimulated anything but the coffers of politicians who get favors from those they've greased up with taxpayer money. I wanted to speak with Sen. Stymie-us Specter and ask him just exactly how $4.8 million for a polar bear exhibit in Rhode Island, $300 million for new cars for government bureaucrats, or $400 million to prevent sexually transmitted diseases will stimulate the economy. I guess you could make an argument that prostitutes might get more jobs if they were free of STDs, but $400 million seems like a lot to promote hookers.

My friends at KSFO radio in San Francisco put out a call to their listeners asking for questions for the senator, just in case he really did call me. Within a short time, I got more than 1,000 e-mails with questions for Specter.

I'll print some here so, if Specter finds the time to read this column, he'll get an idea about how American taxpayers feel about him and his buddies who are selling America's soul.

Question 1: "I would like to know if Senator Specter wishes to be remembered as one of three Americans who could have saved our nation from socialism and FAILED to do so!"

Question 2:"My wife and I (we are senior citizens) were shocked to learn that the current stimulus bill contains a new health bureaucracy that will have the power to establish means testing for the elderly! That means that some bureaucrat, not your doctor, will decide whether or not you are eligible for a particular treatment. This is untenable and pernicious. It's like throwing away the elderly as not worth the cost of saving their life."

Question 3: "His accepting the 'Stimulus bill' as it reads is a betrayal of his oath! Stand up for what is right. Stand up for the principles on which this great nation was built."

Question 4: "Tell him we are through being nice guys. ... He is a senior senator – tell him to be a LEADER instead of a turncoat – or to run as a Democrat next time – you know, like ethics? This time we are paying attention and TAKING NAMES!"

Question 5: "What did Arlen Specter get for his vote? Something for himself or his state? Matter of fact, what did all three get for selling out?"

Question 6: "The majority of American citizens ... are against this stimulus bill, so why are you voting against us and with the Democrats? Are you more interested in being looked upon as a centrist and liked by your colleagues than in representing the will of the people?"

Question 7: "Why is the ratio two-thirds pork spending to one-third tax cuts? At the very least, it should be the reverse proportions."

I don't have room for all 1,000 questions. Maybe Sen. Specter and I can get together for a fried pork lunch so we can chat about the problems. I'll buy.

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