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MAF Produces TV Ad; Attacks Obama’s Decision to Close Gitmo

Taking the next step in the fight to save the JTF Detention Camps at Guantanamo Bay, Move America Forward has produced a TV Ad for play across the country.

A Press Conference is scheduled in Washington DC to reveal the ad for the press. We will hear from 9/11 families, Gold star families and others who are united by President Obama's order to have Gitmo closed in one year.

It is dangerous and irresponsible to bring terrorists to American soil, place them in a justice system that they frankly do not deserve the advantages of, and put American lives at risk.

MAF is taking donations to help pay for the costs of running this ad on major networks like FOX and CNN. Please make a contribution so we can bring this message to more people across the country.

I am leaving for D.C. Sunday, February 5 and will try to blog occasionally from the road, especially after our news conference at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Keep a sharp eye out for our efforts, and help us buy time to run this ad extensively! Donate at