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President Obama, sparked up and wearing his velvet glove, is moving Republican votes to his side on the Porkululs bill now heading for the Senate/House conference committee.

But it looks like the American people think that it is a stinker - and should be scrapped, according to the newest Rasmussen poll.

But that won't stop Obamaniacs in Congress, and the falling poll numbers just serve to inspire tougher rhetoric by the President.

"...Support for the economic recovery plan working its way through Congress has fallen again this week. For the first time, a plurality of voters nationwide oppose the $800-billion-plus plan.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 37% favor the legislation, 43% are opposed, and 20% are not sure.

Two weeks ago, 45% supported the plan. Last week, 42% supported it.

Opposition has grown from 34% two weeks ago to 39% last week and 43% today.

Sixty-four percent (64%) of Democrats still support the plan. That figure is down from 74% a week ago. Just 13% of Republicans and 27% of those not affiliated with either major party agree.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of Republicans oppose the plan along with 50% of unaffiliated voters and 16% of Democrats.

Related survey data shows that half the nation’s voters say the plan that finally emerges from Congress may end up doing more harm than good. "