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Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Sheehan: Gathering of Eagles’ Patriots are “Nazis” and “fascists.”

Presumptive Pelosi challenger, Cindy Sheehan, can’t get any peace these days. Every place she goes to spread her anti-American nonsense, patriots are there to meet her. The so-called Peace Mom today wrote that she has felt threatened when she met up with the walls of troop-supporters at her stops in the South.

Here is some of the peace Mom’s latest wisdom

At the School of the Assassins in Columbus, GA and in Charlotte, NC, we ran into similar problems: police presence that seemed to be there to foster violence. At both places the neo-Nazi, pro-war fascist group “Gathering of Eagles” came out to mostly try to intimidate us from our mission. At Ft. Benning, after we complained, the police kept them separate from us, but in Charlotte, the police refused saying that the Eagles had their rights to “freedom of speech.”

Cindy better put on her big-girl panties before the big showdown in D.C. Sept. 15, because the red, white and blue will be out in force. From Sept. 3, 2007 through Sept. 15, 2007 the nation’s largest grassroots, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward will lead thousands of supporters in a cross-country effort called the “FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR.”

We need your help now more than ever. This is the time to pressure the pansy-spined politicians who want to leave our troops high and dry, while endangering us here on the homeland. Please help us send a message to the white-flag brigade by donating at Move America Forward

Cindy can’t keep her stories straight. Was the war started for Jews or Whoring politicians?

Since Sheehan has come out of retirement to stir up the anti-war crusade and “maybe” challenge Gen. Nancy Pelosi for her House seat, it is time to look at her record. Is she a flip-flopper, like her old compatriot John Kerry? Does she know anything about the world besides her foreign policy that President George Bush murdered her son?
Let’s walk down memory lane, shall we?

Sheehan appeared on Chris Matthew’s ‘Hardball” this week and said the war in Iraq was just to make dough for Bush’s buddies.

MATTHEWS:  Why do you think President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, the other hawks in this administration . . . why do you think they took us to war?
SHEEHAN:  Well, I think it was a lot to do with oil.  It was a lot to do with destabilizing that region, which they have done very thoroughly.  The Iraqi refugee crisis has made the entire region
compromised there. And I think it was for profit. I mean it’s for Halliburton. It’s for Blackwater. It’s for Standard Oil.  It’s for the war profiteers. And that’s why war is usually waged.
MATTHEWS:  You believe that this was . . .this war was fought because people in the White House decided to make some money for their pals in business?  You really believe that?
SHEEHAN:  I believe that that…

But go back a couple years, and Sheehan had an entirely different take on the war.
She blamed the Jews. Here are the contents of an email that Sheehan wrote and had a friend, James Morris, send to “Nightline”:

Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the army to protect America, not Israel. Am I stupid? No, I know full well that my son, my family, this nation and this world were betrayed by George Bush who was influenced by the neo-con PNAC agendas after 9/11. We were told that we were attacked on 9/11 because the terrorists hate our freedoms and democracy … not for the real reason, because the Arab Muslims who attacked us hate our middle-eastern foreign policy.

Sheehan later claimed she didn’t write the passage. But I have communicated directly with Morris about this, and have read highly credible articles proving that Sheehan told a whopper when she denied her anti-Zionist position. 

So Sheehan has passed the first sniff test to become a member of the slimy Congress whose poll ratings are lower than a snake’s belly. If elected, she should fit in nicely with the caca-spewing Caucus.

D’Oh!! Dems don PJs while U.S. snags top Terrorist.
Double D’Oh!! al-Qaida in Iraq is an arm of bin Laden’s fraternity

The white-flag brigade was out in full force Tuesday night trying to secure America’s defeat in Iraq while our troop announced the capture of Iraq’s top al-Qaida terrorist. The worst part for the cheese-eating surrender monkeys (no offense to our primate friends), was they didn’t get the vote to yank our productive troops our of Iraq, PLUS our ‘catch” snitched on his big boss bin Laden.

From the Associated Press:

Khaled Abdul-Fattah Dawoud Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, who was captured in Mosul on July 4, carried messages from bin Laden, and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahri, to the Egyptian-born head of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Ayub al-Masri, said Brig. Gen. Kevin Bergner, a military spokesman, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

“Communication between the senior al-Qaida leadership and al-Masri frequently went through al-Mashhadani,” Bergner aid. “There is a clear connection between al-Qaida in Iraq and al-Qaida senior leadership outside Iraq.”

D’oh!  Where will Harry ‘the runner” Reid go now that he and his comrades have been caught in their big lie that we “lost in Iraq?” Well, they’ll keep on lying and hope it sticks to the substantially frail frontal lobes of the ‘cut-run-and-duck-crowd.”

FYI: The cut-run-and-duck drill morphed from the Cold War nuclear attack drills in which many of us can remember diving under desks to protect us from radiation. Now, Democrats and Republican eunuchs cut and run when they hear that war is ugly, then duck the truth. Sens. Reid, Barbara Boxer, Pete Domenici and Chuck Hagel, among others, are on the cut-run-and-duck flavors of the month.

As the great philosopher Homer Simpson once said, “Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.”

Are you listening America? If hanky Harry is talking, please don’t.

It’s bedtime for Boxer and her bedwetting buddies. Don’t forget the Astronaut diapers!

Iran’s war on U.S. Killing more soldiers

The AP also reported Wednesday that troops nailed three terrorists tied to Iran (surprise, surprise).

“Three other militants suspected of having ties to Iran were detained in a predawn operation by U.S. forces working with Iraqi informants in Baghdad’s main Shiite district of Sadr City, the military said separately.
The Americans have accused Tehran of providing mainly Shiite militias with training and powerful roadside bombs known as explosively formed projectiles, or EFPs, that have killed hundreds of U.S. troops in recent months.
“Coalition forces are determined to counter Iranian influence in Iraq, pursuing those suspected of smuggling arms and other forms of lethal aid into Iraq,” military spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said in a statement. “Disrupting the bombing network in Baghdad remains a high priority for us, and we will continue to target the cells’ leaders and members.”

Roadside bombs, including EFPs and other makeshift devices used by Sunni and Shiite militants alike, are the No. 1 killer of foreign troops in Iraq. At least 20 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq this week all but five from wounds suffered from improvised explosive devices, the term the military uses for roadside bombs.

I’m sure the Iranians were just confused and believed they were practicing
their terrorism techniques inside Iran. Yeah, that’s the ticket . . .

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