Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

OK, OK. I get it. We Americans, a majority of whom were duped into voting for President Barack "The One" Obama, have to believe that his administration will bring "change we can believe in" and operate with the highest of ethics. We have to believe because the mainstream media say so, and, hey, he's the country's first biracial president.

But wait a minute. Some of the shine on Obama's halo is rusting. This week we see that his favorable rating in polls has dropped dramatically, from 88 percent on his coronation day to 62 percent. If he keeps it up, his favorables will be in the toilet before first lady Michelle can complete her remodel of the White House.

Sure, Obama nominated a few tax cheats for his Cabinet, a terrorist-defender, and a CIA director who knows nothing about intelligence – but Leon Panetta sure knows how to collect speakers' fees.

"Panetta has earned more than $700,000 in speaking and consulting fees since the beginning of 2008, with some of the payments coming from troubled financial firms and from a firm that invests in contractors for federal national security agencies, according to financial disclosures released Wednesday," states to the Wall Street Journal.

So, what's the problem? At least he took money from a firm involved with national security agencies and not Hamas or the government of Iran, a terrorist-supporting state. Speaking of terrorists, we have a real expert in Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder.

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Before he was chosen to lead the nation's top law enforcement agency, Holder was a senior partner with Covington & Burling, a law firm that represents 17 Yemenis currently held at Gitmo. Well, bless his heart. We wouldn't want the poor suspected terrorists to suffer under the treatment at Guantanamo Bay.

I've seen it with my own eyes, and believe me, it's shocking. The prisoners get to choose from six meal plans at the beginning of every week, and movie nights are held nightly. If they're good, the terrorists can have popcorn as they sit in an overstuffed couch for comfort. Each prisoner has three medical personnel to care for them, including a physician, and can attend art and English classes.

I'm sure some would reject Holder because he worked so hard as President Clinton's deputy attorney general to release 16 violent FALN terrorists. Holder showed real moxie because he stood up against the FBI, U.S. attorneys and the NYPD officers who were maimed by the FALN terrorists.

It seems a bit radical to coddle terrorists, but Obama wanted change and so did many Americans.

Obama has done a good job at asking for forgiveness for his slip-ups. He helped his health and human services Cabinet nominee, Tom Daschle, out the door upon revelations that Daschle didn't pay a good chunk of taxes. Then chief performance officer nominee Nancy Killefer withdrew her nomination because she didn't pay taxes. It was awfully nice of Obama to forgive Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who didn't pay $34,000 in payroll taxes. But he did settle the delinquent bill after Obama chose him as part of the president's Cabinet.

How did the savior of the free world make so many snafus? Are we being too tough on The One? Perhaps. Hear me out.

We voters are responsible for the fiascos playing out in the White House. Obama is just a victim. We got fair warning during the campaign about Obama's little quirks, like hanging out with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and America-hating preachers. By the way, Ayers is in deep kimchi. State Sen. Larry Bomke, an Illinois lawmaker, wants Ayers removed from his university post under a proposal that says anyone who has committed an act of violence against the governments of the United States or Illinois cannot work at a public university, according to the Chicago Tribune. Stay tuned. Ayers and his lovely wife – another Obama buddy – may be looking at more legal trouble!

During the campaign, Obama admitted he had made mistakes, such as snorting cocaine and attending a church for 20 years and listening to a hatemonger. So he launched his political career with the help of radical anti-Americans. He was just a young-un. Don't blame him for screwing up. He gave us fair warning of his flaws.

Obama has taught us so much in his first couple of weeks. We know that tax evasion under his administration is not a punishable crime. This is especially good news for the folks who decide to buy food instead of sending their money to the IRS.

He has also shown that creative fundraising, such as that performed by Panetta, is a resume enhancer. Working to free terrorists is a noble endeavor. I'm sure that Obama can direct his new team – led by the terrorist-protecting Holder – to sit down, unconditionally, and speak with Osama bin Laden. They could work out some deal, forgiving bin Laden for his mistakes. Holder could even have his former law firm represent bin Laden in American courts, just to make sure he gets all the rights of our citizens.

If Obama can forgive tax cheats, America haters, unrepentant terrorists, liars and anti-American radicals, surely he can find it in his heart to mend fences with the enemies President Bush made during his war on terror.

Really. Can't we all just forgive and forget and help The One regain his celestial glow?