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Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle has been dumped - President Obama picked up a few clues today that the nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary was in trouble when his personal PR flacks at the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle editorialized against having two tax cheats in the cabinet at the same time.

I heard the news listening to Fox News on satellite radio during my morning drive in my big honkin' SUV, belching ozone emitting gases that will end the world as we know it. I listened with bemusement as Tommy Thompson, former H&H Services Secretary explained why this is a terrible decision - because Daschle is an "honorable man, a man with integrity, a fine choice."

Hello Dope!

 The American people get a little testy with TAX CHEATERS telling us what to do and how to live our lives. It's kind of a 'thing' with us.

"..{First,  Geithner and now}, Democrat ex-Sen. Tom Daschle, who's simply the perfect guy to reform healthcare and essential to taking the country forward. Daschle issued a heartfelt apology today for failing to pay $128,000 in his taxes, plus nearly $15G's in interest and penalties, over several recent years.

He used what's come to be known as the GID tactic, the Geithner Inadvertency Defense. It was all an accident. "No excuse," he says. But inadvertent. Which makes it OK. Let's all try that on April 15."

Michelle Malkin wonders "Does anyone in the Obama administration know how to pay taxes?"

Question: Where are the biggest tax cheats?