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Hillary couldn't quite pull it off with Bill - you know, the "two for the price of one" package but Mich O looks like she is taking charge of the Education Department while Barack is busy ruining, er, saving the economy with a trillion dollar bail-out.

Monday, she donned another very expensive designer outfit and sashayed over to the Red Door FedEd building near the Smithsonian to address the auditorium of middle level bureacrats who are suck-ups to the teachers union and keep black children from getting quality educations by denying them school vouchers.

Oh - she also accidentally crystalized while so many Republicans hold Democrats in contempt - failing public schools for our kids, private schools for HER kids.

In thanking the workers, she told them: "I am a product of your work."

"I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the public schools that nurtured me and helped me along," said Mrs. Obama, a Chicago native who attended its public schools as a child. Her two daughters attend private school in Washington, as they did in Chicago.

First lady Michelle Obama, left, shakes hands with guest during ...
Mon Feb 2, 3:58 PM ET
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First lady Michelle Obama, left, shakes hands with guest during her visit to the Education Department in Washington, Monday, Feb. 2, 2009.

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