Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Some last thoughts on Billy Ayers, Domestic Terrorist. The Contra Costa County Times has a guest commentator (alumnus of St. Mary's) defending Ayers appearance earlier this week at the private Catholic Institution.

"...The fevered embrace of willful ignorance displayed by the protesters who appeared at Ayers' lecture with no intent to listen to his words is always disheartening to witness. It is especially disheartening to observe it when it comes from people who were given the tools to be participants in the social discourse that determines the course of our society."

Just a quick response before I run screaming into the street, Mr. Delgado.

This is NOT a free speech issue. There is NO constitutional guarantee that William Ayers, confessed bomber, has a right to be paid a large sum of money to espouse his socialistic and anarchistic views in front of impressionable young aundience.

Ayers, that pocketful of sunshine, proclaimed in the New York Times "I'm guilty as hell, free as a bird." 

If this is the best arguement that St. Mary's college alumni can offer in defense of Brother Gallagher and other left-wing activists in charge at the college, then St. Mary's is in bigger trouble than I thought.

...and I think it's in pretty big trouble.