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My dear friend Shawn Steel, a Republican national committeeman, has a piece up at the Flash Report on the state of the race - for Republican National Chairman.

Geez, it's pretty ugly. Especially because the stakes are so high.

"...With an exasperated deadman's grasp on his RNC Chairmanship, Mike Duncan's campaign has resorted to anonymous attacks, claims of racism and blatant distortions of our outstanding challengers. No one can definitely identify Duncan as the source of the anonymous Gmail attacks. Of course, the similar design, style and email source of the attacks make it easy to guess the source.    

More anonymous hit pieces are focusing this week on all of Duncan's opponents. That includes Katon Dawson, Michael Steele, Saul Anuzis and a reverse smear targeted at Ken Blackwell.  

The hits continued on January 20th, when Michigan chairman Saul Anuzis was blasted with more personal attacks by a "Pope Sigismund." Why a 14th Century Holy Roman Emperor wants to comment on a 2009 RNC Chairman's race is beyond me?"