Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Fed up with two years of attacks by Hamas, the terrorist group in charge of the Gaza strip, Israel finally returned fire and rained hellish rocketfire into the settlements causing more than 1,000 injuries, and over 280 deaths.

Predictably, the Palestinians are bitching about the airstrikes.

The Israelis are pretty smart, I think. They are taking advantage of the lull between one American administration and the next, and handling  some long overdue business. While they are at it, how about taking out the Iranian nuclear plants and save us all the aggrevation later on?

Mainstream Media is sending these images around the world but where were they when Jews were being murdered by Hamas for the past 24 months?

It is interesting that the Palestinians are "only" claiming 40 civilians are dead ...usually they lie up the numbers in the hundreds or thousands. I think that the Israelis were on their game.