Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

LIVE FROM GITMO, it's Monday morning and Move America Forward and Kylie Willliams, Miss Florida 2007 are here at the BOQ, or Bachelors Officers Headquarters overlooking Gutanamo Bay. Debbie Lee, Cat Moy, Kylie Williams, and I are warming up our vocal chords to sing Christmas Carols to the terrorists in "CAL TRAN orange jumpsuits" and after that we are treating them to 72 Virginia hams.


Seriously folks, we began the tour of the island where our military men and women are serving with honor and distinction. We are very excited to spread Christmas cheer to our brave warriors. We are far away from our families but it doesn't matter as we are joining America's sons and daughters.

As we crossed Gutanamo Bay on the GITMO Queen we saw a little boat filled with a lot of people. I thought it was half the Cuban Navy, but no in fact it was the Russian Naval warship which came here to threaten us for the first time since the cold war. We had a beautiful view from our Naval transport whose officers informed us we would have a great view of manatees and escapees. There were signs that warned us to be careful of the manatees but not the escapees. We looked!

Today we will be eating in the chow hall and distributing thousands of goodies and gifts that we brought from home. Stay clicked for updates and pictures of our scheduled "water activities."