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Pennsylvania conservatives aren't sitting around waiting for someone to lead them out of the political darkness ...they are organizing, agitating and constructing an new model, using some of the old model.

Skye at is helping.

Conservatives across the country should think about slipping on this pretty party frock, designed out of scraps from discarded political actions. My advice to all conservatives: start sewing ...our principles look beautiful on us.

"...We've received an overwhelmingly positive response in our call for conservatism, so thank you all for your support.  It is clear that the Pennsylvania Conservative Council will quickly become a powerful and positive voice in standing up for our values.

Quoting the late, great Tony Snow, "Now, we need to roll up our sleeves.  We've got work to do and we need to do it as a team."

We already have our first speaking engagement under our belts.  The adviser of the East High School Republicans welcomed Tania and Sean out to speak with their growing Club.  As expected, the East HS Republicans were intelligent and engaged, and we were proud to come and speak with them.

Up next is the Chester County Commissioners meeting on Thursday, December 18th, 10:00 AM in the 5th floor of the Chester County Courthouse.  We urge everyone available to show up and make your voice heard!  We have two important items to discuss: the County budget/tax increases and the atheist tree on the Courthouse lawn.  Sean is leading our effort on these two important matters, please e-mail him if you plan to attend.

To keep our momentum going, the members of the Steering Committee have put together list of immediate activities in need of volunteers. Please read through the following projects and consider where you may best put your talents to use.

Letter Writing Group

This is a fun way to get together, in person or on-line, with other like-minded conservatives to draft and submit letters to local and national papers. All you need is a passion for conservative values, the group will help articulate and polish them. Together we can begin to create a conservative narrative in the local media.  Summer will lead this effort, so any interested parties please respond back to her.

Committee Survey

We are looking for an individual or two to create a survey which will be submitted to Chester County committee people. The purpose of this survey is to identify committee people who share our conservative values. It is a valuable tool for our organization to use to help us connect and build working relationships with local committee people. Tania will lead this project, interested voluteers please respond back to her.

Speaking Opportunities

We are seeking individuals to contact local colleges, universities and high schools to see if their Republican group would like to have us speak at one of their meetings. We are also looking for anyone who would like to volunteer as a speaker. We need to get our message out, and we need to arm our defenders with effective ideas.  The Pennsylvania Conservative Council is a perfect vehicle to recruit and support conservatives for generations to come.  Sean is leading our public speaking effort, so please contact him if you can help out.

There is a spot for all of you in this organization. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts or suggestions for these or other projects.  Interested volunteers please respond back in the next two weeks, as we'd like to get these projects started by the New Year.

And remember, our next meetings are January 10th and January 24th.  We will send more details about these meetings soon.


Tania, Sean, Jason, Denine, and Summer

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Harold R. McAlindon