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California is facing a nearly 40 billion (that's billion with a B) dollar deficit in the next few months, and our liberal democrat-majority lawmakers are acting like - well, idiotic democrats.

Yesterday on the California State Assembly floor Democrats refused to allow Republican Assemblyman Chuck DeVore to read the Bill of Rights on the floor.  This was no grandstanding moment.  The Senate and Assembly are required by law to read the Bill of Rights into the record on the first session after December 15th.


Here's Chuck's take on what happened:


"In 1998, the legislature unanimously passed Senate Concurrent 

Resolution 82 to annually honor the approval of the Bill of Rights.  

Per SCR 82, we are to read aloud the Bill of Rights on the first legislative day after December 15.  That would be today.  My request to read the Bill of Rights was denied by the Speakers office.


At first I thought that the majority Democrats' denial of SCR 82's requirement to read the Bill of Rights on the floor was due to the fact that they would be too busy with the debate on the budget crisis and big tax increases - afterall, we have read the Bill of Rights before.


But, as we were waiting around for an hour for business to start, I realized it wasn't for lack of time.


Then, when the Speaker Pro Tem introduced a delegation from Communist China, I really knew we weren't reading the Bill of Rights for lack of time.

Chuck set up a quick petition set up to voice objection to the CA Democrats:


The California Legislature: The Bill of Rights, no; Tax increases, yes; Communist China, yes.  "