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Alaska's Governor visited her church in the small town of Wasilla yesterday, after a monster took a torch to the church in which she and her fellow Christians pray.

Is it Palin Derangement Syndrome? Or an Alaskan off his or her med's? No one seems to know, as police have no suspects yet. But I recieved an email from a member of that church, who says that their Pastor has received numerous anonymous and threatening phone calls possibly because of Palin's membership there. Everyone is quite worried.

The truly sad part of this story is that the Wasilla Bible church lost more than its building - hundreds of toys for the poor were also destroyed.

Team Sarah is asking that everyone chip in to help. More details at or simply click on my link above.

I have written a personal check to the Wasilla Bible Church. I hope you can, too.

Here's the address: Wasilla Bible Church, 1651 W. Nicola Avenue, Wasilla, AK 99654

...and prayers are welcome, too.