Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The big day began yesterday in Sacramento and Move America Foward has already held our first tour stop on the Honoring Heroes at the Holidays II tour. The Sacramento crowds were good as we all stood up to honor our men and women in the Armed Forces. The air was cool, as it should be in Northern California as we approach Christmas. Special attention today went toward our Vietnam Veterans, as Sacramento held a parade for them!!! Cat Moy writes that "it warms my heart that we in the United States are trying to make up for the horrible way we treated our warriors as they returned from Vietnam. No man or woman serving our country should EVER be spat upon or called a baby killer."

Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, whose son Marc was the first Navy SEAL to give his life in Iraq, is traveling with the tour. She will forever have an empty place at her table and in her heart, but she wants to make sure that our troops are remembered every day. That is why she has taken time away from her family to travel with Move America Foward across the country to send a strong message: We REALLY support our troops AND their mission!!!!

We are especially excited about this year's tour because we have a surpise ending!!! Due to security concerns, we cannot disclose our final destination. But we can tell you that we will be bringing holiday cheer to our brave men and women who have given their lives to the effort of American safety and security.

Our next stop is at 9 a.m. Sunday 9 a.m. tomorrow) in Henderson, Nevada, at the American Legion Post 40 425 E Van Wagenen St.

From there the bus will go to Phonenix, Ariz., for a 4 p.m stop and rally at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 804 E Purdue Ave.

During these stops, you may sponsor a care package for our troops and drop off Christmas cards that we will deliver to our troops!!!

Please keep coming back here and to for continual updates.

We will also update this blog with photographs from the road!!
Here are the first pictures we've been able to get

An don't forget to buy a commemorative T-shirt. We only have a limited number for this year's historic tour!!

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