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My dear friend SEAN HANNITY is going solo at the Fox News Network. Alan Colmes is leaving, and Sean gets to shine all by himself!

Exclusive: TVNewser has learned Fox News will debut a new program at 9pmET, entitled "Hannity," featuring Sean Hannity as host. The program premieres January 12.

"Hannity" will include a "Great American Panel" of three nightly in studio guests — a liberal, a conservative and an "X factor." The show will mix commentary, interviews and special segment like a "Hate Hannity Hotline."

This is the first time in FNC's 12-year history it will alter programming at the 9pmET timeslot.

Ever since Alan Colmes announced he was leaving "Hannity & Colmes" on November 24, speculation has run rampant as to what FNC would do in his absence. TVNewser has run a poll since the announcement, and more than 26,000 votes have been cast. Within the last 24 hours, the poll was linked once again on and for the first time, "Hannity Solo" is the leading option.

> Update: In the release, FNC SVP of programming Bill Shine says: "Sean is one of the top television and radio personalities in the business and we're excited to be working with him on this venture. When Alan Colmes left us with a void last month, we decided to build a new program utilizing Sean's signature talents rather than take on the monumental task of replacing someone as exceptional as Alan and attempting to rebuild a rare chemistry that is unlikely to ever be matched in cable television again."

For those who aren't lucky enough to know Sean personally, let me tell you that he is the nicest, most sincere and truly dedicated conservative person you can ever imagine. He is a great husband, father and friend. His generosity is renowned - he has donated over $30,000 to Move America Forward, my organization dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of our soldiers serving in harms way. He has raised millions of dollars through his Freedom concerts, with the proceeds going to support our militay and veterans across this great country, all the while performing beyond expectations on his radio ratings and TV shows.

Way to go, Sean!