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Senate "physicans" to dying automaker "patients" ...drink this arsenic and you'll feel better in the morning.

The House pressed toward passage of a $14 billion bailout for the nation's imperiled auto industry Wednesday night, but the hard-fought deal between Democrats and the Bush White House was in jeopardy amid strong opposition from GOP senators.

Republicans were in full revolt against their party's lame-duck president over the measure, balking at helping Detroit's struggling Big Three without hefty concessions from autoworkers and creditors, and furious about an environmental mandate House Democrats insisted on including in the measure.

Democratic leaders still held out hope that the emergency aid could be enacted by week's end.

Oh yeah. By insisting on environmental mandates for the carmakers, the Democrats are assuring the death of The Big Three, and hundreds of thousands of jobs on the process.

Freaking brilliant, guys.

But least the Republicans are grabbing up some guts and taking a stand against the deal. A little late on the draw, but still commendable.